Relief Aid

Senior Care: Providing medical care, food, clothing and Christian literature to the elderly.

Orphan Care Project:  This project cares for abandoned babies and young children up to age four.

Children who fail to develop normal attachments to at least one consistent caregiver in their first years of life, very often never recover and will fail to grow into healthy, normal adults. HART’S “Orphan-Care” project provides that one consistent caregiver these children so desperately need. We do this by employing local Christian women whose work each day consists of providing the love, stimulation, attention and meaningful interaction that orphans need during the most formative period in their lives (birth to 3 years).

Soup Kitchens:   Providing hot meals for street children, children from extremely poor families, orphans who have ‘graduated’ from orphanages and have no homes, ex-convicts and the elderly.

Orphanage Support:   Providing orphanages with food & clothing, medicines, toys, and playground apparatus. Working through local ministries these children also learn about a Heavenly Father who dearly loves them.

Humanitarian Aid Centers:   Humanitarian centers, designed to assist people with food and clothing items are playing a crucial role in the lives of thousands of people. Provides warm clothing, shoes and food products to poor families, street children, orphanages, and prisons.

Prison-Care & After-Care:   Financial support is provided for resources and for Christian workers who provide spiritual, emotional and physical support to recently released inmates. Their work involves training, discipling and ministering to these men & women as they assimilate back into society.

Child Sponsorship Project:   Sponsors in North America are providing food, clothing, medical care and educational opportunities to desperately poor children and their families.

Legal Assistance:  For orphans, street kids or boys and men released from the prison system. In order to get a job, education or medical assistance it is mandatory to have a passport and the proper documents in place. The majority of orphans, street kids or ex-prisoners haven't the proper paperwork which is necessary for them to get a second chance in their lives.