Play-Center Project

Providing playground apparatus for children in  orphanages and hospitals.

Project Description

There are tens of thousands of orphans and abandoned children living in institutions that lack proper nutrition, stimulus and nurturing. Most facilities are inadequately supplied with food, clothing, vitamins, medicines, school supplies and toys to play with.

Typically, their playgrounds are woefully inadequate, consisting of a few rusted swings from an earlier Soviet era.

Not only is HART committed to assisting these facilities with food, medicines, vitamins and clothing-but through this project we are also providing them with playground apparatus for their physical development and well-being.

Wide-eyed excitement, awe, squeals of laughter, joy and immeasurable gratitude. These are the typical responses we get from the children in the Institutions that have been gifted a "Play-System" from HART.

The cost for the construction of one Play-Center is $700 US.