Missions Projects

Prison Ministry

HART partners with Christian para-church agencies who minister to inmates. We are working together to meet the physical and spiritual needs of inmates by providing prisoners with study Bibles, Christian literature, pencils and notebooks as well as basic hygiene and medical items such as soap, medicine, vitamins and clothing. 

Military Ministry

HART provides resources for military and police ministries in Western Ukraine. Their outreach is to those in military leadership as well as their wives.

Camp Ministries

Summer camp ministries are one of the most fruitful ministries in all of Eastern Europe. HART's support includes: each year sending hundreds of kids to camp who haven't the funds; subsidizing the cost of the camps; funds for sports equipment and teaching material etc.

Youth Ministries

HART provides financial assistance for the development of ministries and programs specifically designed to reach young people in Ukraine. These can include activities such as music concerts, youth rallies, summer camps, coffee houses and various other outreaches for Christians and non-Christians.

Music Ministries

HART provides financial assistance for the development and support of National Christian musicians. For example, providing funds for producing their own albums; sponsoring musical concerts and festivals designed as outreach opportunities to non-Christian youth in Ukraine; and assisting churches to purchase musical instruments and sound equipment.

Sports Ministries

HART provides support for Sports ministries to street kids, sports equipment for orphanages, children's hospitals, and camp ministries and support for a Christian soccer league outreach ministry in Lviv, Ukraine.

Translation Ministry

HART is involved in the translation, publishing, printing and distributing of relevant Christian literature. This ministry is providing tools for Discipleship ministries, Children's ministries, Camp ministries and also to help new Christians grow spiritually. 

Leadership Training

HART supports the training of young Christian leaders by underwriting the costs associated with training methods such as seminars, conferences, short-term seminary courses and correspondence courses.

Children's Ministries

HART invests its resources heavily into Children's ministries through Churches, para-church agencies, and Women's ministries. We provide resources: 1) to expand their outreach and teaching programs for children;  2) to purchase Christian materials for study and spiritual growth;  3) for the development of Sunday School materials for children.

Discipleship Ministries

HART supports Discipleship ministries designed to train church leaders, plant churches and nurture new believers.

Christian Education Fund

The objective of this project is to provide Christian young people from poor families, an opportunity to further their Christian or university education.

Christian Youth Association (CYA)

HART started and has funded the CYA in Lviv, Ukraine since its inception in 2000. The CYA was formed to break down the walls existing between Evangelical churches in Lviv and to unify their approach to reach non-Christian youth in their community.

Church Construction Projects

One of the biggest problems facing the churches in Eastern Europe is a chronic shortage of church buildings for new and existing church families. HART provides direct assistance for church construction or renovation projects.

Bible Correspondence Ministry

This highly effective ministry reaches people from several former USSR countries. Typical students are Christians who cannot attend seminaries, those in prisons, and non-believers who are interested in learning more about the Bible.

Missionary-Pastor Sponsorship

Direct monthly financial assistance to National pastors & missionaries who desire to be in full-time Christian service. We find sponsors in North America and England (individuals, Bible study groups, or Churches) to provide the financial stability required for their ministries.

Evangelism through English Classes

HART supports ministries that use the English language as a means of outreach to non-Christians. These are typically done through offering English classes, Bible study classes in English or English summer camps.