Infant Care

HART provides local Christian women with "CARE" packages to distribute among poor young mothers in our targeted hospitals. These parcels contain infant care items, medicines, nutritional supplements, diapers, sanitary napkins, baby clothes, infant care leaflets, and Christian literature for the mother and her family.

Medical Clinic

Through one medical clinic in Lviv, Christian doctors are able to provide medicines for 6,000 poor people annually. Children, the elderly and young mothers all were blessed by this Clinic run by dedicated Christian physicians.

Children’s Hospitals

HART provides medicines, medical supplies, vitamins, and food for Children’s hospitals. We also provide "Play-Systems" (outside play-ground apparatus) for children in these hospitals.

Medical Supplies/Aid

Through this project, medicines and medical supplies are provided to people whom these items are prohibitively expensive or unavailable. We also provide medicines, supplies and equipment for hospitals, working through a network of Christian doctors.

Medical Relief Teams

This project brings Teams from the West to work alongside physicians in Eastern Europe. These trips provide tremendous opportunities for North American doctors to not only aid the poor, and exchange professional knowledge, but also to share their faith with Eastern European physicians.

Dental Relief Teams

This project brings teams of dentists from the West who volunteer their time to provide free dental care to families living in poverty, street children and boys in prison.