Sponsor a Child

 Sponsoring a child is a wonderful way to touch a child with the love of Christ. As a Child Sponsor you will make it possible for dedicated Christians in Ukraine to work with your child and his/her family. You become a partner in making a difference that really counts; a difference that builds hope for a future.

What is a Sponsor?

A sponsor is a special friend to a needy child living in Ukraine. The sponsor is assigned a specific child, and receives his or her photo and personal story as a focus for the sponsor's love and prayers and financial support. The child will know the sponsor's name, will write to the sponsor, and will treasure the thought that someone cares for them.

What is a Sponsor's monthly support used for?

  •  Food
  • Clothing
  • Medical care
  • School supplies
  • Christian summer camps
  • Birthday and Christmas presents

May I write to my Sponsored child?

We encourage you to write to your sponsored child. Children need to know they're important and as a sponsor, you can instill a sense of self-worth in your child through letters and cards. Receiving a letter or postcard is very special. It is a reminder that their sponsor cares about them. It is those words of encouragement that give them hope.

May I send gifts to my Sponsored child?

 YES, you will be able to send small gifts along with your letters, such as bookmarks, stickers, or photos. (The children do love to get a photo of the sponsor.) A shoe-box sized package may be sent once a year. We do request a gift of $10.00 to cover shipping costs. A financial gift ($15-25 suggested) at Christmas will mean so much to these children who have so little. A standard birthday gift for each child is provided through your monthly contribution. All gifts and letters must be sent to HART's Calgary office.

How long will my Sponsorship continue?

 This depends upon you. We're encouraging long term sponsorship. A commitment for less than one year creates additional work and expenses for the program. Short sponsorships also limit your ability to become acquainted with your child. You may discontinue at any time, although we would encourage you to commit to this project for at least one year. If you decide to discontinue for any reason, PLEASE notify us immediately.

Will I always have the same child?

On occasion sponsorship could be discontinued for a number of reasons:

  • The family moves out of the area
  • The child reaches the age of 18
  • The child's family may no longer need the support as they have become self reliant and are managing on their own. This is a goal for all our children and their families. In this case HART will contact you and assign you with another child if you care to do so.

 What is the monthly cost?

Individual sponsorships are:

  • CND $35 per month ($420 annually) in Canada
  • US $35 per month ($420 annually) in the USA

Payment method?

  • Automated withdrawals from your bank account
  • Visa or MasterCard