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2nd Quarter, 2015


Max’s journey in life was anything but routine and normal. His story provides an interesting glimpse into the ways HART has been impacting thousands of children in Eastern Europe.





3nd Quarter, 2014


This is truly a modern-day David and Goliath story. The young country of Ukraine, fresh from overthrowing the yoke of twenty two years of corrupt leadership, is now in an epic struggle against a large, powerful and ruthless force of evil.





2nd Quarter, 2014


The United Nations Refugee agency says the tension in Ukraine has displaced an estimated 10,000 civiliansand said the number of people affected was continuing to rise weekly.





1st Quarter, 2014


HART will be hosting its first-ever Pastors Conference in Central Asia. Up to 150 Pastors
& Leaders in the underground Christian Churches of eight Central Asian countries will be attending.





2nd Quarter, 2013


In the past 5 years we have been privileged to send over 25,000 children to summer camps. 





1st Quarter, 2013


We at HART believe that if enough of us do the “small things” we really CAN change this world! 





3rd Quarter, 2012


...and thanks to our incredible volunteers in Canada, the
USA and Ukraine, we together are able to create HOPE for a better future for so many.





2nd Quarter, 2012


 Because of YOUR support we’ve also been able to do something unheard of in this region...        





3rd Quarter, 2011


DEAR FRIENDS, we are honored to introduce to your attention the following new hartbeat  newsletter.
"Her drug-addicted mother abandons six year old Halya and her two year old brother for weeks at a time."





2nd Quarter, 2011


"Dear Friends, the following two stories are examples of life-change in children/families directly related to being in HART’s Child Sponsor Project.”




1rd Quarter, 2011

DEAR FRIENDS, from our family to yours, we’d like to extend our greetings and best wishes for 2011.
This is truly a milestone year for HART as we enter our 15th year of serving the poor and the National Church in Eastern Europe!



3rd Quarter, 2010

Dear friends, Each summer I spend 3-4 months in Eastern Europe, meeting and evaluating many of our 200+ partnerships with National ministries, pastors and churches.



2nd Quarter, 2010

Dear friends, the other day I heard my six year old son quote Spiderman…“along with great power...comes great responsibility.”



1st Quarter, 2009

Dear Friends, children like Dema (cover) typically live in a one-two room house or apartment, usually with 3-8 siblings along with parents and in many cases grandparents. For these children and their families "struggling to survive" best describes their day-to-day lives; struggling to survive malnutrition, inadequate medical & dental care, poor housing & education, and the ever-present chronic alcoholism.
Please here HardBeat options
{Summer Camp programs for children, Prison Ministries (New Life Church), Special Needs Ministry project, Medical care for the poor, Resources for ministries, Support for Muslim missionaries, Where it is most needed}



3rd Quarter, 2008

Dear Friends, "This is the most unique ministry I've seen in Ukraine" declared Pastor Pavlo from Lutsk, Ukraine. A representative of Baptist Union in Kyiv commented, "While many Western missions agencies seem to be leaving Ukraine or downsizing, HART is not only surviving, but thriving and growing in its ministry scope and impacting more people today than ever before."



1st Quarter, 2008

Lately, I’ve been musing about that old Baptist hymn I sang as a child: “Count your blessings, name them one by one; count your blessings see what God has done...” You see, the attitude of gratitude is biblical. From one end of the Bible to the other, we are commanded to be thankful. Thankfulness is the natural out flowing of a heart that’s attuned to God



3rd Quarter, 2007

DEAR FRIENDS, after almost twelve years of ministry in Eastern Europe, still the most heart-wrenching moments I experience are visiting run-down state orphanages for abandoned children. I thought over time I'd become desensitized to this, but it just hasn't happened. Having my own children...

1st Quarter, 2007

Dear friends, I clearly recall the first time I met with Pastor Sasha. Although I’d become accustomed to meeting talented, competent Ukrainian ministry leaders over the years, I came away from that first meeting convinced that if he was doing half of what he had described to us, I’d be impressed with this man’s ministry.

3rd Quarter, 2006

Dear friends, Recently I came upon an advertisement in a Christian magazine, promoting the latest book written by a famous Christian author. It was entitled: "Become the Leader God Wants You To Be." I wondered about yet another book on "leadership" coming to print. Over the past several years it seems "leadership" has become...

2nd Quarter, 2005

Dear Friends, In the early 1990's a European rock band called 'the Scorpions' wrote a song entitled "Winds of Change." It was a popular, melodic tune filled with words of optimism surrounding the dramatic events taking place in Eastern Europe as the Soviet Union was disintegrating.

1st Quarter, 2005

Dear Friends, In Matthew 25, Jesus' scathing rebuke of those who ignore the needy tells us something critically important about the heart of God; God is concerned about the poor and oppressed. So, as Christians, it shouldn't take an earthquake to open our hearts. In the wake of the Boxing Day tsunamis, the tidal wave of...