Working with and through our indigenous partners, HART is impacting the lives of thousands of people in Eastern Europe each year.

HART serves the poor in Eastern Europe:

By providing critically needed aid such as food, clothing and medical care to orphanages, street children, invalids, hospitals, the elderly, those in prisons and desperately poor families

HART empowers and equips National Christian leaders and their ministries:

By facilitating the education, training, equipping and financial support for indigenous Christian leaders and ministries

HART serves the Christian community in North America:

By challenging and providing opportunities for people of all ages to become involved in world relief and missions projects.


Mission Statement for Eastern Europe    Mission Statement for North America
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To identify physical and spiritual needs in Eastern Europe and partner with National workers; empowering them to effectively address the needs in their own countries.

Sample ImageTo challenge and provide opportunities for North Americans to make a difference in this world.