Our uniqueness

These two words best describe the essence of HART’s missiSample Imageon…

"Practical and effective"

100% of Support Dollars Sent to the Field:  When a donor sends in support for a National ministry, pastor, or missionary, nothing is deducted for administrative purposes--100% is sent directly to the mission field for its intended purpose.

We support National ministries:   We partner with local churches, ministries and Christian agencies that are involved in effective humanitarian efforts and missions projects. We are not a "sending" agency; we do not send missionaries from North America. 

We create employment:  We pursue projects and opportunities in which job creation and self-help development becomes a parallel objective. People living in poverty need a way out, not a hand-out. 

We facilitate the development of competent NatioSample Imagenal leaders:  The most effective way for Eastern Europe to be impacted for God is through Christians in their OWN countries. Support for training National leaders is one of HART’s highest priorities.

We’re cost-effective:  We have no full-time North American staff on foreign soil. We form partnerships & use existing distribution networks, thus eliminating the need for costly foreign offices.

We’re fruitful:  HART pours its resources into areas and ministries where God is already at work, and we bless what He is blessing. We are partnered with some of the most effective church planting and discipleship ministries in Eastern Europe

We stretch mission dollars:  To maximize funds donated to missions we support National pastors, missionaries, and church planters, rather than North American missionaries. 30-40 National missionaries can be supported for the same cost as sending one Western missionary.

We Communicate:  With our donors, sponsors and prayer partners – through newsletters, mission update letters, e-mail, pictures and video