Lloyd A. Cenaiko - President and founder

Lloyd grew up in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada, and attended the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, where he received his B.Sc. and B.Ed. degrees. 

After teaching school for several years Lloyd entered the business and investment world. He spent 14 years as a business owner and Commercial Real Estate developer in Canada and the USA.

Lloyd’s first trip to Eastern Europe was in the fall of 1994; with the purpose of visiting distant relatives in Ukraine and to see the birth place of his father.

Tremendously impacted and troubled by the poverty and suffering he’d witnessed in Eastern Europe, Lloyd returned to Canada determined to get involved. He made a decision to leave a successful real estate practice behind to form and provide leadership for an organization he would call H.A.R.T., which incorporated in Canada in 1996 and the USA in 1998.

Lloyd and the Board of Directors have guided HART to become one of the most practical, efficient, and cost-effective ministries in Eastern Europe. Their passion is the spiritual and physical life-change in those HART serves, both in Eastern Europe and North America.

“In all of our planning, our desire is to trust God for His vision for HART and to walk by faith. This means that our first objective has been to determine the mind of God regarding His plan for the growth, development and direction of this ministry.”  - Lloyd -


HART Office - Calgary

Cyndi Chomick - Executive Director

Dmytro Opishchev - Accountant

Roselyn Lusanji - Child Sponsor Project Administrator

Ulyana Cenaiko - Office Support

Carrie Foreman - Administrative Assistant






Board of Directors - Canada

Sam Boguslavsky.....Raymond Brindza.....Lloyd Cenaiko.....Kenneth Waddel.....Donald Wakeham 

Board of Directors - USA

James Flaming.....Lyle Hartley.....Lloyd Cenaiko.....Bob Kneeland